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Danny Black

Danny Black, Baltimore Sports Collectables (@sportsbalt)

Born in Baltimore, Maryland I have been a local sports fan from birth. I have always loved sports and sports collecting, and started my first card business in the early 1990's. I worked local card shows for years and enjoyed building my collection and collaborating with other people who loved the hobby. After a major theft left me without most of my collection and inventory, I stopped work as a dealer, and moved on to a role in the business side of professional sports.

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In the late 90’s I worked for The Atlanta Braves, and got to experience some history first hand, when Turner Field had its inaugural Opening Day. A few years later, after a move back home to Baltimore, I went to work for the Orioles. I was lucky enough to manage the World's Largest Sports Art Gallery which gave me the chance to work with some fantastic athletes, artists, and collectors.

Moving on professionally led me out of the sports world and on to years of building a reputation and a family. During this time I enjoyed several pet projects of personal collecting in The Hobby and started sharing it with my kids. The more I got back into it, the more opportunities arose, as old connections reached out, and new referrals requested advice. I realized I had missed the work of The Hobby, and once I started, couldn't resist returning to it professionally.

A new venture was launched, Baltimore Sports Collectibles LLC., which is the culmination of a lifetime of  learning and a deep love of sports. After over 30 years collecting, researching, and studying the world of cards and collectibles, it is a pleasure to share my knowledge with others. Below is a selection of some of the games and events that I have attended or worked.  For more information about services such as evaluations of cards, memorabilia, or private collections, and for LCS consulting as well as content creation or guest spot availability, email or DM.

Professional Notes

● Weekly radio show on 105.7 The Fan FM Baltimore
● @SportsBalt podcast and @SportsBalt on all social media
● Have attended numerous historical sports events
● Attended Super Bowl 35
● Attended Super Bowl 47
● Last game at Memorial Stadium
● Game where Bo Jackson ran “horizontally” up the outfield wall
● First exhibition game at Oriole Park
● First game at Oriole Park
● 1993 HR Derby (Griffey Hit Warehouse)
● 1993 All-Star Game (Baltimore)
● 1996 All-Star Game (Philadelphia)
● Hideo Nomo no-hitter vs Orioles (2001)
● Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Final cling game over Capitals
● And Many, Many, More…

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